Almost Nothing, Cern Experimental City


Once upon a time there was a citadel on the French-Swiss border called CERN. According to Alvaro de Rujula, one of the eminent members of the scientific fraternity that "runs the shop" so to speak, physicists would apparently be more "modest" than architects, building their cathedrals underground. A bit later on, another claims - in all seriousness - that "it is probably at the cafeteria that the most decisive discoveries have been made". It is pretty clear that Anna de Manincor and the ZimmerFrei collective (The Beauty is your Head, VdR, 2014) go against the films that usually deal with this institution. They leave the "Higgs Boson" or the "gravitational waves" in the background to the benefit of the human beings working in this labyrinth made of corridors, wires, and high-precision metal parts in search of "almost nothing". With acuteness and sometimes humour, Almost Nothing observes the life of this rather special community, a true human and social experience of which the actors seem to invent the operating rules every day.

Prix Inter Religieux du Festival Visions du Réel de Nyon 2018
Mention Spéciale au Biografilm Festival International Celebration of lives de Bologne 2018

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