Born under X, looking for an unknown


Who can boast about meeting their parents through an ad?
A lover, fair enough, but parents?
Yet it was my case ...
At the end of 1949, I was adopted as a baby in Marseille. Today, I am a 65-year-old man.
In the meantime, a life stamped with the word “Anonymous”. Being born anonymously means that my mother gave birth without anyone being allowed to ask for her identity and that she abandoned me at birth. I do not know either her first name or her surname.
Until my daughter encourages me to go looking for my origins ...
This film is my story, that of a man in his sixties who takes the kid he used to be by the hand in order to try and understand.

Technical Sheet

  • Réalisateur : Jean-Marie Verneuil
  • Auteur : Jean-Marie Verneuil
  • Runtime : 52 minutes
  • Country : France
  • Coproducer : France Télévisions
  • With the support : Région PACA, CNC, Procirep Angoa
  • Broadcaster : France Télévisions
  • Location : Marseilles
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Year : 2014