Hénaff, or the Mystery of the Little Blue Tin


Jean-Jacques Hénaff, CEO of the eponymous company for almost forty years, has made Paté Hénaff the number one French tinned paté. Discreet as well as charismatic, conservative and attentive to social issues, modernist and attached to traditions, hostile to the financialisation of the the economy and to speculation, he shakes up many preconceptions about company leaders.
An endearing character, sensitive to humour, to the subtleties of art as well as the effectiveness of slogans, a passionate and fascinating story-teller, Jean-Jacques Hénaff is no exception to the contradictions of the Breton agri-business and also symbolises the singularity of his management. Simultaneously questioning his career, the story of his flagship product and contemporary history, those who approve of him and those who question him, this portrait explores a century of change in rural society from an original point of view.

Technical Sheet

  • Réalisateur : Gérard Alle
  • Auteur : Gérard Alle
  • With the collaboration of : Sylvain Bouttet
  • Runtime : 52 minutes
  • Country : France
  • Language : French
  • Producer : Laurence Ansquer
  • Executive Producer : Tita Productions
  • Coproducer : France Télévisions
  • With the support : CNC, Région Bretagne
  • Broadcasters : France 3 Bretagne, France 3 National
  • Location : Pouldreuzic
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Year : 2013