Eva Doesn’t Sleep


1952, Eva Perón has just died at the age of 33. She is the most beloved and the most hated political figure in Argentina. A specialist is charged with embalming her. Years of effort, an utter success. But coups succeed one another and some dictators want to destroy even the memory of Evita in popular recollection. Her body becomes a major issue for the powers fighting each other for 25 years. During this quarter of a century, Evita will have had more power than any other personality in their lifetime.

Prix de la Ville d’Amiens - Prix du Meilleur Réalisateur
Prix du Scénario au Festival International du Film d’Amiens 2015
Grand Prix Sopadin du Meilleur Scénariste 2012
Prix Ciné+ et Prix Cinéma en Construction au Festival de Toulouse
Prix Balance de Oro au Festival Pantalla Pinamar
Prix Cóndor de Plata 2016

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